Flatout Fargo 2017

The 1st Flat Out Fargo is in the books. Flat track racing in the Schollander Pavilion for the first time since the 70’s was a blast. The venue was great; the stands were literally packed. I heard an announcement during the first intermission–the beer stands were sold out but since it was so early in the show, they were rushing to provide more. I anticipated a good crown but I think our host and promoter of the event, Joe from Sisufab, didn’t even expect how rowdy and large the crowd was.

We had our entire team at this event since it was a local race in North Dakota. Our Pros, Cole Fealy and Dan Jacobson, our Pro-Am, Shawn Wegenast, our Vintage Lee Fealy and myself and Jason Brelie running the Hooligan class.

I hadn’t thrown leg over the XG750 since last October so I was a bit nervous. The show started with the Pro’s running 12 exhibition laps to give them some more lap time. The show was supposed to begin at 6:30 but due to the 50 plus deep line of people, waiting to get in, still the start time was moved back to 6:45. So, to get the crowd going, the pros put on an “exhibition” that in my opinion was the best race of the night. Josh Koch from Minnesota and Kevin Anderson took the last 6 laps and made it a back and forth winner take all. Kevin snuck by him in turn 4 to take the opener by about 4 inches. Watching that race only made my nerves even tighter, how do you follow that up?

Lined up in the first heat and got the whole shot. Unfortunately, I was slammed into from another rider coming in the corner a little hot, I tried to lean on him but just couldn’t get us to turn, and I ended up over the hay bales and into the concrete wall. It was nasty and it hurt. I got up and walked it out; the track crew did a great job cleaning up the mess and got the XG back on the track. I didn’t realize it blew my left shock apart. We lined back up but I took a low side dirt nap and called it a race. Noticing the shock, we made some repairs in the pits and were ready to roll. Adrenaline kept any pain away.

Our pros finished a respective 3rd and 5th in the heats and advanced to the main. Shawn tore it up, took a direct transfer to the Pro-Am main from his heat race.

At night end, we ended up with a 2nd in the Grom class (Dan), 3rd in Pro-Am (Shawn), 3rd in Hooligan (Myself), and a 4th in Pro (Cole).

JJ Flairty took the Hooligan checker on his rad sporty (he was dialed all night) and Kevin Anderson took the Pro sweep.

Can’t thank Joe from Sisufab for organizing and promoting this event. Great guy, awesome wife, and team he has. He rules! Our sponsors, Stutsman Harley Davidson, Ohlins Suspension, Roughrider Signs, and everyone individual support along the way. Huge thanks to our team! You guys make this all possible.

Sorry, I suck at writing. Deal with it! Ha!

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