Wanna Know Where YOUR Dollar Goes When You Support Small Business???

Work hard for your money but feel like a bad break could hurt your finances tremendously? Paycheck to Paycheck? Most of America is middle class, hard working families that have enough to get by and live a comfortable life but don’t have the means to really live financially free.  We can’t but we are happy.

I work to put food on our table every day. My wife and I are in our early thirties and we have 2 girls (4 and 2) with another little girl due Christmas Day. We live very frugally knowing we need to support our girls now and in their bright young futures. We want them to be educated and know they have a roof over them when they get home from school. We don’t drive luxury cars. We have a 2013 Dodge Caravan and a 2014 Cargo van…  We don’t live in a new or huge house.  We put our money into experiences with our girls and savings accounts for them to enjoy college without the burden like I have of thousands of dollars in student loans.  Being with them and seeing them happy is far more enjoyable than knowing my checkbook is fatter than the neighbors. Cause we know the neighbor, his life sucks and he has money.

Supporting small businesses supports people like us. People who put family as the forefront of any expense. Small business is about doing something you love and being able to provide just enough to make your needs met while providing an affordable service to your customers. Money doesn’t run our lives, our love does. I don’t aspire or desire to build a million-dollar business or even half of that. We want a comfortable future and the opportunity to enjoy each other.  I have worked for corporate dealerships and its sad and frankly disgusting when some employees are riding the city transit bus to work because they can’t afford a car or the insurance. It’s very sad…. pay attention to where your dollar goes. Big companies, dealers, and corporations pay themselves first and their employees LAST after all other expenses come out… watching their employees hop on the city bus to go home while they head down to the fancy restaurant their employees can’t afford.

Remember who you support when you support small business!!!

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