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It’s time to fire up the blog. With this forced down time, it’s a great opportunity for reflection. I have been a huge advocate that your business is only going to grow as far as your leadership is capable of growing. Sometimes this is tremendous and other times it’s a flat-out failure. I’ve worked for companies and experienced both. I can admit that I have even led in both ways. I’ve been a terrible leader and now I strive and work to be a great one.

I’ve strived to be the best leader I can become and continue to invest a lot of time and focus on this area of my business and my life. Being a small business, people ask why this so important when our business is so small and at times its been just me.  Well, because leadership is more than leading just other people who report to you. It’s leading when interacting with other businesses, customers, and essentially anyone we encounter.

I recently read a book by Pastor Rob Ketterling and he references something extremely important in leadership called Synergy. Essentially this is stating that we are far more powerful and can move those needles in business or life when we work TOGETHER.  Something greater than you or me, or you and your employees working separately yet towards the same goal. Great leaders see this and realize it’s about the greater accomplishment than personal accolades.  I’ve been a part of successful companies and part of very successful companies. The greatest difference was leadership. Great leadership navigates the hard times with relative ease knowing they are equipped for those exact times. Poor leadership will resort to knee jerk reactions, quick and often thoughtless strategies and will never admit they are not equipped to move people through difficult times. Sometimes leaders land in that middle ground but the mistake they make is staying there, staying comfortable.

When we can be great leader’s we make our lives easier. Being a better leader makes me a better husband, father and friend.  I operate at a higher personal standard. I interact with everyone differently and I think differently.  This shows in interactions with other businesses, customers, and with every other aspect of my life.  Am I perfect? Absolutely not and I feel I have a tremendous way to go to even consider this one of my accomplishments. It’s something I don’t think we can ever perfect. It’s an opportunity to work on something new everyday and continue to develop every day of our careers AND lives. 

Why this topic? I feel like we all need to be the best that we can be, and great leadership will bring us all together in times like today. That synergy of working together is what will pull is through.  Taking this down time to invest in myself has been a blessing.

I hope you find your blessings in this pandemic down time.

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