Vanilla Cycles – The Lipstick Lover

The Lipstick Lover is shipping out tomorrow.  And not that we don’t want her to go and bring joy to another – it’s just she has a bit of our soul!

This bike really says a lot about who we are at Vanilla Cycles, LLC.  It started many months ago while wondering how to fill the cold winter months in North Dakota (all 9 of them).  And with a bit more time on our hands (since we can’t ride but 3 months) and lots of inventory laying around the shop, we decided it would be a good time to create a build that represented what we like at Vanilla Cycles.  We are a vintage V-Twin motorcycle shop with a strong concentration on old choppers.  Our passion is to do our little part in keeping chopper’s alive while hoping to usher in a whole bunch of new users (young and old).

The Lipstick Lover was built with a few things in mind.  We wanted her to be simple, sleek, and have smooth flowing lines – much like the choppers of old.  It is “the look” which says a lot about who we are.  There are more open roads in North Dakota than you can manage over years of living there.  So we wanted something with reliability (thus the evolution) and a bike with enough fuel (split tanks) to get you from station to station (which have a tendency to be far and few between on the back roads).  And most importantly, it had the requirement to look cool.  A nice low profile rigid hardtail blacked out with red flames.  We believe we did it.

As to the name – the name comes from liking what we created as it quickly progressed along in the shop.  She began to take on the style and feel we love and wanted in a bike.  And long before we made any progress towards paint, we fell in love.  BUT then, of course, you add a little makeup (makeup/lipstick = paint) and we have ourselves a Lipstick Lover. 

Well – with all that said – a little bit of our soul is headed to the Carolina’s.

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