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The 50/50 Chance bike is finally completed literally after a couple of years.  And I have to say, “It was worth all the waiting!

This Frisco-style chopper reflects the characteristics of the builders here at Vanilla Cycles.  This bull began with immediate change in frame spec’s due to engine size and what we had visioned to be the perfect looking and performing build.  We even determined from the start money would not greatly affect the vision of the 50/50 Chance bike.  And to that point, it didn’t affect the vision, but without doubt affected the time frame (thus, the over 2-3 years to build).  Along with additional time waiting for that custom part to be manufactured only to realize it changed something else that needed to be thought through again and altered.  Typical…

Anyway – this build started with the S&S 124” 60th Anniversary powerplant (when you don’t worry about money).  Which immediately delayed our plans while we replenished our coffer.  Only to special order a 5 speed N1 shift pattern transmission from our friends at Baker Transmission.  Then the money and the excitement began flowing from there – and by the way – according to the bank account hasn’t really stopped.

Oops, let me refocus.  We started assembly, feeling great about where this build was headed.  The shop put on the Speed Merchant Speed Trees with typical stainless-steel fork legs only to decide the Low Brow black lower legs and DLC black tubes from Custom Cycle Engineering would certainly be necessary.  And no other choice but to shoe it with Led Sled black Invader wheels.  Now to confess (and a slight bit of an afterthought), we had some sleepless nights wondering if only a two-piston rear brake caliper would have the stopping power needed for the bull.  We settled the issue with a Performance Machine black rear brake system which complimented all the other black components.  The paint, well that speaks for itself from Chris in St. Louis.

Lots of hours and frustrations (like the countless lost hours fitting the internal throttle), but the joy and pleasure the 50/50 Chance affords is beyond what we anticipated.  Our goal was accomplished.  And just so many people to thank.

As to the name – the name comes due to the fact you have a 50/50 chance you’ll stay on when you ‘crack’ the throttle.  Well with all that said – here again – this bull has a little bit of our soul built into it.

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